You can choose your notary

For those in the real estate and mortgage industry, did you know you can choose your notary? We have been requested to perform notarial acts for our customers in many different facets. It is not different in the real estate industry. We have been called back to offer our services once again in a loan signing services. It does not matter if you are the real estate agent, mortgage broker, title company, private investor or an individual seller- you can all request to have your favorite notary perform the services for you.

Here is an example or a real estate agent that has requested a particular individual to provide the loan signing services on one of her deals.

If you ever need a notary for general purpose or a Certified Loan Signing Agent, do give a Us a call. We are mobile, certified, bonded, insured, background cleared and habló Español. You can contact us via tel: 813.333.1524 or

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