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Prepare your last will and testaments before it’s too late!

I have been notarizing many of these docs for family members that in fragile health. Sometimes we are lucky that they are aware what is happening and can sign the documents. Sometimes they may not also know what’s going on. I had to refuse to sign some because of their mental status, which really breaks my heart. This is why I created this. Please make sure all your affairs and wishes are in order. It is never too soon and you are never too young to have these documents prepared. These documents not only helps you get your wishes executed as you want, it makes your care giver’s life easier. They won’t have the need to deal with the courts as much because you had documents detailing your wishes.

Thanks in advance for helping out. Your love one or caregivers and notary appreciate you having these documents prepared early. We hate to turn families away because your mental status is questionable. It is our duty both legally and ethically to refuse to execute any notarization if we feel the person is not in their right mental status. Your caregiver or guardian are sadden with your current health situation and the last thing they need to heard form a notary is “Sorry, I can not notarize this document because your love one is not aware what’s going on or has any idea who they are.”

I hope this article helps conveys the importance of having your affairs’ in order as soon as possible. It is never too soon to get your wills, trust, POA (power of attorney) or healthcare directive done. I hope this article helps and if you need help preparing your Estate Planning, please contact us. We will prepare them per your written answers. Most states requires two witnesses that are not related or named on the documents. Mobile Notary and Signing Services prepares and notarizes these documents but cannot give you legal advice because he is not an attorney licensed to practice law. 

Those with no wills: Aretha Franklin, Prince, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Abraham Lincoln, Howard Hughes, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Sonny Bono, and Kurt Cobain all died without a last will and testament or did not have their final affairs in order.

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